Work for Clients

I've been lucky enough to work with some great clients and look forward to new adventures.  If you are a client interested in working with me please feel free to reach out. 

Winter 2021

Trader Joe's Card - 2021

This was a fun Retirement card that can now be found at your favorite neighborhood grocery. 

Winter 2021

I created 4 illustrations that showcased the colorful seasons of famous Russian Landmarks.  Creating these felt like a trip around the world. 


I was asked to create an inspirational poster “ This Is Tough, And So Am I ” for Be Ready Explorers - Antarctica Adventure.


This two page spread was featured in Be Ready Explorers - Montana Issue. It was made to showcase the calm feeling that you can get from those mountains. 


I was asked to make illustrations for a full 5 page spread in Ditto magazine 2nd issue. These illustrations were made to resemble walking through special exhibits in a museum. 


I created 5 full page illustrations for the Ella Fitzergald issue of the Bravery Magazine in Winter 2021.


Beck Building Mural 

 Beck Building Mural - Tampa, FL 2021
I was asked to create a custom hand painted paper illustration that would be used to create a mural.


I am honored to be featured in Ditto Magazine debut issue. I created two different 2 page illustration spreads.

September 2020

Interview and Studio visit by Asheville Made Magazine. This interview focuses on inspiration quotes and purpose of creation during this time.

spring 2020

I was asked to illustrate to the quote “Smiling is Contagious : When someone smiles, We smile back”. Bravery Magazine is stem centered magazine made to empower children to be brave as they learn about women in history that have made their mark on the world.

January 2020

Origin Magazine (Winter 2020 - Issue 40)
Female Makers Interview Series

I was honored to be interviewed as part of Origin Magazine’s Female Makers series in their 40th issue and their 1st issue of 2020.