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Work for Clients

I've been lucky enough to work with some great clients and look forward to new adventures.  If you are a client interested in working with me please feel free to reach out. 


A series of illustrations about Fu Pei Mei and her colorful Vietnamese cooking show.

trader joes card2.jpg


Trader Joes

This was a fun Retirement card that can now be found at your favorite neighborhood grocery. 


I created 4 illustrations that showcased the colorful seasons of famous Russian Landmarks.  Creating these felt like a trip around the world. 

beready- color1-smaller.jpg

I was asked to create an inspirational poster “ This Is Tough, And So Am I ” for Be Ready Explorers - Antarctica Adventure.

studio shot 3.jpg

This two page spread was featured in Be Ready Explorers - Montana Issue. It was made to showcase the calm feeling that you can get from those mountains. 


I was asked to make illustrations for a full 5 page spread in Ditto magazine 2nd issue. These illustrations were made to resemble walking through special exhibits in a museum. 


I created 5 full page illustrations for the Ella Fitzergald issue of the Bravery Magazine in Winter 2021.

null(18) (1).jpg


Beck Mural

 Beck Building Mural - Tampa, FL 2021I was asked to create a custom hand painted paper illustration that would be used to create a mural.


I am honored to be featured in Ditto Magazine debut issue. I created two different 2 page illustration spreads.


Interview and Studio visit by Asheville Made Magazine. This interview focuses on inspiration quotes and purpose of creation during this time.


I was asked to illustrate to the quote “Smiling is Contagious : When someone smiles, We smile back”. 


Origin Magazine (Winter 2020 )
Female Makers Interview Series

I was honored to be interviewed as part of Origin Magazine’s Female Makers series in their 40th issue and their 1st issue of 2020.

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